Why You Should Get Extra Card

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An Extra Card creates a more accessible and safer experience with predictability and ease. It allows you to build your credit score and earn rewards for purchases made using the card. Using the card allows you to work on your long-term goals while avoiding the traps of a credit card. It has no interest rates, no hidden fees, and no credit checks and allows you to only use the money you have while enjoying the benefits offered by a debit card.

How does It Work?

You sign up for an Extra Card by linking it to your bank account where you are given a spending limit without credit checks, based on your bank balance. Your Extra Card’s spending power increases based on the frequency of purchases you make with it.

When an Extra cardholder swipes it upon making a purchase, they spot you for that purchase and pays back itself automatically on the next business day.

By the end of the month, the company totals up all the transactions that you made with the card and reports the transactions to the credit bureaus where they serve as creditworthy purchases.

Why You Should Use Extra Card

It allows you to earn rewards upon purchase while building your credit score. A good credit score comes with immense benefits, such as lower interest rates and better mortgage rates.  By having human customer support available 24/7, Extra Card’s response is swift, usually taking less than a minute. An Extra Card allows you to:

  • Manage your money
  • Shop in-store or online
  • Receive direct deposits
  • Pay bills

Get your Extra Card Now

Financial well-being is all about choices. By getting yourself an Extra Card, you slowly start to get back to the good life of better credit scores. At The Credit Care Company, we believe that all of us deserve a second chance when it comes to better credit. Contact us now to get started.

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