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Buy Now, Pay Later

Have you ever needed to buy an item online, but you could not afford to pay upfront? Venue Premium Marketplace has been designed to help you pay for the item you need in flexible installments but with no interest. You can purchase different items, including home appliances, clothing, electronics, and automotive, without the full amount.

Why You Should Shop at Venue Premium Marketplace

1. Affordability

Buy now pay later is much cheaper compared to other financing options. Bank loans, for instance, offer high-interest rates on their loan facilities. These rates often discourage individuals from taking loans. On the other hand, credit cards have loan limits and relatively high-interest rates. At Venue Premium Marketplace, you do not pay interest on items paid up within six or twelve months.

2. Convenience and flexibility

You do not need to wait for the next paycheck. You can buy at your convenience and pay in installments. The payment terms are simple, and approval is first. You can always order items for upcoming events and holidays ahead of time using the little cash available.

How Venue Marketplace Works

  • Place an order: Select the item you want to order, then add it to your cart to place an order.
  • Select payment option: The marketplace offers different financing options for its customers. You choose the mode that best suits your needs. You will make your monthly payments to your financing company.  However, ensure you check their terms of service.
  • Get approved: The financing company will approve your application based on their terms of service.
  • Order shipped: Your order will be dispatched as soon as possible to your address.

Contact The Credit Care Co

The next time you are thinking of buying an item and paying later or in installments, then contact The Credit Care Co and ask about Venue Premium Marketplace. You will enjoy the best deals and offers at the click of the button.

To Sign Up for Venue Premium Marketplace – Click Here. 

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