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Are debt collectors harassing you? Few industries have earned the public’s scorn like the debt collection industry. Debt collectors have been known to call people hundreds, seemingly thousands of times to get them to pay what they’re owed. Some have even gone as far as calling family members and friends of the person in debt just to get information about the person. They do all of this so you’ll pay off a debt they bought from another company. In some cases, the debt collectors do not even own the original binding contract you signed, they may just have some information about you and a photocopy of your contract.

Despite the public’s dislike for the entire industry of debt collection, the industry is not only here to stay but is also in an environment to thrive. The Federal Reserve reports that consumer debt has been on the rise for decades. In 2019, consumer debt rose 4.6% to nearly $4.2 trillion. The numbers for 2020 look comparable to that of last year’s. This only serves to create an environment in which the debt collector industry can grow, and with their growth comes the same old tactics people have come to expect from them.

Many consider their tactics to be annoying or view them as outright harassment, and they wouldn’t be that far from the truth. As a matter of fact, new regulations have been put in place to stop debt collectors from using some of the worst tactics they have been using over the years because legislators agree, it’s harassment.

Some of the new regulations include the following:

  • They cannot lie to you and must identify themselves and their purpose for calling you.
  • They are not allowed to call you repeatedly and cannot continue to contact you if you have asked them to stop.
  • They cannot verbally abuse you or threaten your safety and well-being. This offense is not taken lightly under the new regulations.

These new regulations ensure that while conducting their business, debt collectors treat you with respect. For a more detailed list of the new regulations and more information on anything related to your credit, visit the Credit Care Company today. If there are debt collectors harassing you, give us a call today: 800-969-5806.

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