3 Tips to Help Rebuild Credit After Foreclosure

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How to Rebuild Credit After Foreclosure

If you’ve gone through a foreclosure, and you’re considering how to rebuild credit after foreclosure, you know the headache and stress of wondering if you’ll be able to get the lending services you need again. With the necessary purchases of a car, home or education always on the horizon, it’s good to know how to get your credit score back in shape as quickly as possible. Here are three ways to help get back on track:

Check your credit report

Checking your credit report is simple, and it is available online. If you find problems with accuracy, call them into question. If there are debts listed on the report that are older than seven years, make sure they’re taken off. Every bit counts, and there’s no reason to have unnecessary burdens on your credit report.

Make sure you’re in the habit of paying your bills on time

It seems simple, but sometimes this slips away from the best of us. It’s usually possible to set up a direct-pay arrangement with your bank to have these bills taken automatically from your checking account. It’s also useful to set reminders on your phone, or even hand-write them on a calendar! Once you’ve taken care of this, your score will rapidly improve.

Consider the service of a credit repair company

Like anything else, it helps to have help! A good credit repair company can help get your finances and payments in order, and take much of the headache of organizing payments off your shoulders.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss debt-relief strategies, contact us.

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