Raising Your Credit Score Fast: A Free Guide

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Not having good credit can hinder you from doing some of the larger things that people generally have as life goals, such as securing funding for a business venture, buying a house for a family to grow up in, or even getting a loan for that car you have been wanting. It’s well-known that there is a lot of things that a person can do trash their credit, and that can happen pretty easily. Most people don’t know, however, the process of raising your credit score.

3 Ways to Raise Your Credit Score

The goal of this article is to outline a simple plan to raise your credit correctly and fast. By following this proven method, you will raise your credit score.

Raise Your Credit with Down2shop & Fingerhut

Down2shop is not a typical online retailer. Their mission is to provide the best possible products and service to our valued customers without them feeling like they are anonymous. We strongly recommend the Help Card from Down2shop for raising your credit score. Some benefits of Down2shop are:

  • Fast reporting to all 3 credit bureaus
  •  500 minimum Equifax credit score required for approval.
  • Unsecured credit lines up to $6500 with approved credit
  • Quick & Easy application!

You can read more about what Down2shop is and the application process on our credit repair blog.

Fingerhut is another online retailer that you can sign up for, shop, and raise your credit score. It is important that after you sign up for either/both of these services to make a small purchase right away to start raising your credit score.

Raise Credit by Becoming an Authorized User

See if you have a parent or relative that would be willing to make you an authorized user on one of their credit cards with balance of less than 20% of the total amount available used, is in good standing and is an account that has been established for several years.

For those who are concerned about making you an authorized user on an established credit card in order to raise your credit score, read everything you need to know about making an authorized user.

Raise Credit by Using Approved Credit Cards

Not all credit cards are created equal. There are a bunch of credit cards with yearly fees, high interest rates, and hidden charges. If you are trying to raise your credit, look through a couple of the approved credit cards for raising credit scores.

Removing negative items is only one part of raising your credit score. The other part is opening new lines of credit. These new lines of credit account for over 30% of your credit score. However, make sure you are making the correct choice when securing new lines of credit.

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