Our Three Phase System to Rebuild Personal Credit

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What is personal credit? Why is it important to have good credit? 

Personal credit is a record of your reliability as a consumer when it comes to the analysis of how well you pay your bills. This means that when you sign up for products (things like cell phones that require monthly plans), loans like credit cards or car deeds, and other services, the companies keep a record of your payments. The data on these payments is reported to the three credit reporting companies, which are Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion. These companies create an average credit score for a consumer based upon whether you are able to pay your bills regularly and on time.

This credit score is then used by other companies to determine whether to loan you money and how much for bigger investments. Having good credit can open to the door to more opportunities like qualifying for a mortgage, or being able to borrow money on a credit card in an emergency. Having a low credit score can be a hardship since companies loan people less money and money at higher interest rates. Most people spend their adult lives building or maintaining their credit score and having good personal credit.

How do I build my credit? How can I improve my credit score?

Here at The Credit Care Company, it is our job and honor to help people around the world rebuild and rehabilitate their credit. We do this in three phases and guarantee to work with you until you see results.

During Phase One, we work with you and develop a file on your situation and needs. When people have low credit scores, it’s usually because they didn’t have the access to educational material about finances. If you’re in trouble with your credit due to being uninformed, then you’re going to need information to get out of that situation. We contact the three bureaus and investigate disputes for you. We contact them about inaccurate or outdated items that need to be removed. We offer tips on negotiating debts and making deals with your creditors. Many of our customers who start in the 550 range end up qualifying for a home by 120 days.

Next is Phase Two in our program and this involves following up on what we discovered in phase one. Many people with low credit are actually working people who are too busy to follow up with credit bureaus and paperwork. They also don’t always have time to negotiate their debts and can easily be intimidated by debt collectors. We continue monitoring your score with all three bureaus and fighting the disputes. Most people see an increase in their credit score during this time because credit reports are often inaccurate in situations where the average person might have had no access to their reports, no knowledge to fight back, and no one in their corner.

Phase Three involves settling those disputes and resolving issues with creditors. It can mean setting up an affordable payment plan. At this stage, we tend to help people continue on their journey building credit and making wise decisions as they go.

Want to take charge of your life and get on top of your credit score? Do contact us today and we will fight together to repair your credit.

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