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The Credit Care Company wants to help you achieve your financial goals by increasing your credit rating. We’ll help you expand your business without you using your funds. Our Business Credit Builder Program helps you build your business credit profile ethically and get you approved for business credit. What do we assure you as a client?

A Solid Business Credit Profile

We assist business owners in meeting or exceeding lenders’ requirements. Credit Care sets up accounts for clients, whereby making a purchase builds their credit score. In addition, we set up a virtual address, proper licensing and their contacts. These give our clients the best chances of approval of loans by lenders. To access business credit will be dependent on how one pays their bills.

Credit Coaching

Our expert financial advisers will take you through the credit building process and funding approval requirements of various lenders. We give guidelines on the lenders’ expectations for them to approve loans. Therefore as a client, you do not have to worry about the procedure of business credit building as we will ensure you have a credible business that can access loans from various lenders. Once you have access to our certified business coaches, you are assured of achieving your financial goals.

Loan Approval

We will help you qualify for tens of thousands of dollars of business credit. With our help, you can be approved of multiple business credit lines and major credit cards. Using our Business Credit Builder Program, we assure you that you will be approved of at least 50,000 dollars of business credit in less than six months.

Contact us for consultation and for more information on the Program and other services and products. Our experienced business coaches guide you step by step to ensure you succeed because we care.  In other words, partner with us today for ultimate business growth and top financial services.

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