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Even though the spirit behind the credit reporting system was to enable consumers to enjoy benefits such as credit incentives and protection from monopolies, the very same system has resulted in many people, such as yourself, getting locked out of the credit system. This can be an incredibly disheartening position for someone trying to build credit, even worse for someone who’s had some financial difficulty in the past. If this sounds like you, then it’s time to pick yourself back up with the New Coast Direct credit product from the Credit Care Company.

What is the New Coast Direct?

The New Coast Direct is a financial instrument designed to help you purchase the best home and office products. With other services, you will need to have a favorable credit score. However, the New Coast Direct product allows you to purchase these products, regardless of the kind of credit score you have.

In this way, you can get all the home and office electronics plus furniture you need, without worrying about how much you will pay back as a result of your credit score. Whereas other stores are likely to turn you down, New Coast Direct welcomes you with open arms.

What is offered?

This program is pocket-friendly while also helping you build credit in the long run. You can expect great offers such as

  • Simple online application
  • Quick approval of credit accounts for up to $5,000
  • Low monthly payments bundled with no monthly service charges

However, the program does come with a few conditions, which include the following

  • Once you apply, it’s not possible to add users to the account afterward.
  • There is a $95 annual fee to keep the account in good standing.
  • When you achieve a 12-month payment history and your credit score is approved, you qualify for a zero-dollar-down account.

Does this seem like something you’re interested in? Get started now!

To join New Coast Direct – Click Here.

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