Mercury Credit Card

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The Mercury Credit Card is a type of credit card offered by the financial services company, Mercury. This credit card is designed for small businesses and offers a range of features and benefits to help business owners manage their expenses and cash flow.

Some of the key features of the Mercury Credit Card include:

  1. Cash back rewards: Cardholders can earn up to 1.5% cash back on all purchases, with no limits or category restrictions.
  2. Customizable spending limits: Business owners can set individual spending limits for each employee cardholder, and track expenses in real time using the Mercury mobile app.
  3. Fraud protection: The card comes with advanced security features, such as real-time alerts for suspicious activity and the ability to freeze and unfreeze cards instantly.
  4. No annual fee: The Mercury Credit Card has no annual fee, and offers competitive interest rates and no foreign transaction fees.
  5. Integration with Mercury’s other business banking products: The card is designed to work seamlessly with Mercury’s other financial products, such as its business checking and savings accounts, to provide a comprehensive suite of financial services for small businesses.
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