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The Credit Care Company is continuously looking for ways to grow that will benefit our clients. We look for additions that will uphold our principles of honesty and integrity. In doing so, we have decided to add a new credit builder to our team. Meet our newest credit builder, The Verification Company!

The Verification Company

The Verification Company offers tailor-made services for our clients who need to raise their score quickly. This allows them to increase their score by using their monthly rent payments to get the credit score and history they deserve. This company consists of contracted data furnishers that use this unique program to help our clients. The particular software allows them to add your past rent payments, as in 24 months past, to your credit report. This process sounds like it would take some time. Fortunately for you, they can have it done as little as 14 days. The reason we decided to work with this company is because they are one of the only rent reporting companies that report directly to two out of three credit bureaus. This direct line of report allows for an exponential increase in your middle credit score and faster loan approval.

What’s Next?

The next step is entirely up to you! If you are interested, the next move would be to sign up. By signing up, you will see a significant increase in both Transunion and Equifax credit scores. This is not just a one or two-point increase. The average increase is between 40 to 50 points. These extra points can help you get to where you want to be! Oftentimes you will hear people advertise boosts in your credit score that eventually disappear. Verification’s increase will stay with your credit report long term. When it comes to renting, it allows you to take advantage of your most significant monthly expense. In other words, no more wasted rent. In addition, it eliminates the need to collect 12-month rent checks from borrowers who rent from private landlords. The purpose is to make this process easier and worthwhile. This service could be the difference in your ability to qualify for a loan. In other cases, it might even allow access to lower interest rates, avoid paying down your rate, or possibly eliminate your private mortgage insurance. As a result, you could save over $100,000 throughout the life of your loan!

How To Sign Up

If you’ve decided to sign up for this service, here is the simple way to get started.

  1. Click here – Reporting to TransUnion and Equifax
  2. Register and pay
  3. Fill out the information under “Mortgage or Real Estate Professional.”
  4. Upload necessary documents
  5. Sign e-waiver with landlord information

After this, you will sit back and wait for a notification saying the process is complete! We have seen tremendous success with this credit builder program. We are so excited to add them to our team, so you can start viewing the benefits today! For more information on any of our services, visit The Credit Care Company online here. You can always reach us at 314-485-9940 with any other questions you may have!

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