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Imagine getting to shop for the best brands without worrying about your credit score? MDG offers affordability, endless variety, great service, and, along with these great perks, the MDGUSA Credit Builder. With the MDGUSA Credit Builder, you get to build your credit fast and easily as you enjoy guilt-free shopping.


MDG is not looking for perfection. That’s why the prequalification process is straightforward and rewarding. There’s a lot you can buy with their credit offer of up to $3,000. So you don’t have to be concerned if your credit score falls short of the 680 mark which is considered a good credit score. You still get the best deals on offer.


The Credit Builder links all your payments to a national credit bureau. In addition, you get to check your score every three months through the MDG account. When you are aware of your credit score, reaching your desired financial position is possible.

Once you apply and prequalify for up to $3,000 you can start on improving your credit as you have the funds to shop. Since MDG wants the journey to be effortless, you can choose your desired payment plan that’s affordable for you with low minimum payments.

Their financing offer is ‘Buy now, pay later’ plus no penalties for fast payments! You don’t have to wait for ages to elevate your kitchen with the top-of-the-range fridge. Even with smaller purchases, you can raise your credit score to a good place faster.


MDGUSA Credit Builder ranks at the top with other credit builders that The Credit Care Company recommends. No matter how bad your credit is, you have the chance to build it as long as you are consistent with your payments.

By now, The Credit Care Company has proven its commitment to helping our clients be financially responsible by working on their credit scores. If we have stirred your interest with MDG Credit Builder, get in touch with us today to learn more and visit MDG Credit Builder’s website.

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