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As Black Friday month comes to a close, it doesn’t mean you can’t make any last-minute purchases. MDG has stepped up in a big way with the MDG Consumer Finance Program so that you can take advantage of their sales offers now and into the future. Do not miss out on a smoother shopping experience!


MDG offers an amazing way to finance your purchases, no matter your credit score.

First, it’s quick and easy to prequalify for up to $3,000, which is just in time to shop for the new additions of electronics. This is a good deal if you were hoping to replace your old laptop with a sleek one without worrying about affording it in the first place.

Next, with MDG, there’s no fine print as they’re transparent about how you get through your payments without any penalties. So, you can make your payments without delay, which is a great boost to your credit. MDG also does the legwork of ensuring that you keep track of your credit rating through your account and report your payments to a credit bureau.

In addition, you have access to flexible payment plans with low minimum payments, so you don’t strain your finances. This is MDG embracing the ‘Buy Now Pay Later” trend, which jumped from 37.65% consumers in July 2020 to 55.8% in March this year.

Wrapping all this up is MDG’s ever-efficient customer service team, who you can readily access through their self-service portals and live agents. So, are you ready to access your financing? All you have to do is fill out an application, prequalify instantly, and go on a shopping spree.


If you’re excited about this great opportunity, please contact us today at The Credit Care Company to get you further acquainted. We also recommend you check out MDG’s site to see more of what they’re offering.

To sign up for MDG Consumer Finance Program – Click Here.

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