Let Your Rent Payments Help Build Your Credit

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Rental Kharma

Rental KharmaRental Kharma is a great resource you can use to make those monthly rental payments show up on your credit report as an installment payment. Since installment payments influence 35% of your credit report which consists of making payments on time. According to Brannan Johnston, the managing director of Experian rental bureau” Incorporating rental payments into credit scores could affect millions of people who have not established credit histories through credit cards student loan payments or other credit sources. The biggest impact is on individuals who were not previously scoreable.” Almost half of those with higher risk consumers experienced an increase of 100 points or more after positive rental history was added, Mr. Johnson said.

Here is an article from the New York Times about Credit Kharma to check out:


One of the cool things features Rental Kharma offers is you can add up to two years of past rent payments to your Credit Report and build credit moving forward. They validate your past rental history and verify all your future rent payments until your lease is complete. Get started today and join our nation-wide community of renters who are building their credit score with rent.

Here is their link to sign up https://rentalkharma.com/credit-care-co/


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