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Keeping an eye on your credit score will no longer be a daunting task with Kikoff. You get to access an innovative and user-friendly service to rebuild or boost your credit onwards. With Kikoff, your next home or car will become a reality.


Kikoff Credit Account is built on three major elements to calculate your credit score:

  • Payment history: Paying your credit bills on time is key to building your credit score.  Kickoff ensures to submit your monthly payments to the main credit bureaus to build up your payment history and credit.
  • Credit utilization: Maintaining your credit utilization ratio below 10% is good for your score. A Credit Account can get you one as low as 2%.
  • Account age: A Credit Account offers a limitless membership, boosting your credit history.

With the ultimate goal being to achieve your financial goals, the pricing model is affordable, convenient, and customized to help you maximize your credit.


Kikoff has its clients in mind with a simple and easy application process. All you have to do is sign up for a credit score account and get on with your monthly payments. Kikoff offers three types of membership:

  • Kikoff Credit Account: This is a free and limitless account.
  • Secured installment credit builder: It’s open for up to 10 years at $8.95-$25 administrative fees, zero annual fees, 5% of monthly payment for late fees, and $89-$128 annual finance charge. It offers a maximum APR of 13.5%-15.92%.
  • Secured Credit Card: It has an expiry limit with $9 administrative fees, $25-$35 annual fees, $15-$38 late fees, and zero annual finance charges. It has a 17%-23.74% maximum APR.


You can either open a zero-fee and zero-interest account on their site or use the Kikoff app on the Google Play Store and get an instantly approved $500 revolving line of credit to start building your credit. If you want to learn more about what Kikoff has to offer, visit their website here, or please contact The Credit Care Company for free credit building advice.

To create your Kikoff Credit Account – Click Here.


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