How to Get a Secure Credit Card & Build Credit

Building credit when you have little funds or if you have bad credit can be a very difficult thing to do, but it doesn’t have to be. At the Credit Care Company, we have been offering reliable credit building and credit repair programs for years that help people raise and/or establish their credit score for simply doing the things they do everyday.

PayToo Safe

PayToo Safe is another such program that can be used to help raise your credit score. PayToo Flow acts like a secured credit card, although it is not. See the benefits below!

  • A Secured PayTooSafe Account works in the same manner as a secured credit card, however there is no actual checking or savings account or credit card associated with the account.
  • A Secured PayTooSafe Account will offer a line of credit based on the same amount of the security deposit made. The Secured PayTooSafe Account user will then have the possibility of using this line of credit for daily expenses.
  • We report account payment information to the three major credit bureaus, providing users with the opportunity to build their credit with responsible usage.

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