This article will answer questions and topics such as:

  • Can you tell me more about Grid Card?
  • What is the Grid Card and how does it work?
  • Where can I use my Grid Card?
  • How does the credit line work?
  • How do points and rewards work?
  • Can I use my Grid Card internationally?

The Grid Card is Grid’s secured credit card that you can earn points on! The Grid Card’s credit limit is equivalent to how much you deposit into the card. When you use Grid Card, Grid can reward you an average of $40 a month. Each month you’ll be able to redeem $1 for every 100 points. You earn rewards from your spendings: 1% cash back on everything, or if you set up direct deposit for more than $500 a month, you are earning 2%. Average household monthly spending is around $2,000. Assuming you are earning 2% cash back, we will reward you with an estimated $40. You will be able to withdraw cash via AllPoint ATMs. Additionally, you can pay with your Grid Card for any domestic purchases, not international. You can get started signing up for the card using the Grid Card tab on the bottom left of your App homepage.

Everyone is able to order a Grid Card even if you do not have a good credit score, however if you live in one of the following states we cannot issue you one at the moment: Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Nevada, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin. Grid’s Grid Card requires your SSN so they can verify your identity and account with our banking partner. They may also need an additional form of identity such as state-issued ID. In order to allow you to see your credit score, you will be asked Knowledge-based authentication questions! This will not impact your credit score. Along with this, you cannot sign up for Grid Card if you have a previous advance that have not been repaid.