Rock the Score: Get a Higher Credit Score By Paying Your Rent

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Let’s face it: Credit is everything! From buying a car or a house to even applying for a job, your credit score is a snapshot of how “worthy” you are to partake in these activities. If you make a mistake, and who hasn’t as a young adult, it could take seven years for that mistake to stop bringing down your credit score. Wouldn’t it be nice to raise your credit score as easily as it is to lower it? Wouldn’t it be nice to get a higher credit score by paying bills you already pay? Rock the Score is a program that allows you to do just that!

Rock the Score: How it Works

Rock the Score Get a Higher Credit Score By Paying Your RentSigning up for Rock the Score is simple. First, register into their rent reporting program. Shortly after, you will be asked to share the details of your tenancy. After the information is verified, your rental payments will be reported to TransUnion on a monthly basis. Since good payment history makes a big impact on your credit score, you will start to see your score rise simply by paying your rent! If you want to get a higher credit score even sooner, you can take advantage of the historical reporting option. This allows your rental history for the past 24 months to be shared with 2 credit bureaus, Equifax & TransUnion. If you’ve had a good rental history during this time, you can see these results reflected on your credit score in as little as 30 days or less!


For a small monthly fee, the Rock the Score program allows you to build positive credit history without opening a new account or paying a separate bill. Just enroll in the program, continue to pay your rent on time, and sit back to watch your credit history rise. Your credit score can rise as much as 30-50 points just for paying your rent.

We work with you until you see results!

Upon enrolling into the program, you will be assessed a small setup fee and will pay a monthly fee each month to remain in the program. However, if Rock the Score cannot verify your rental agreement with your landlord, you will be refunded any fees that you have already paid. You have nothing to lose!

Building and maintaining a higher credit score is essential but also terribly challenging. Rock the Score makes it easier to increase your credit score simply by paying your rent bill each month. If you are struggling to increase your credit score, contact us to give Rock the Score a try. You have nothing to lose!

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