Get Financially Fit Before Selling Your Home

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Selling Your Home? Consider These 3 Financial Tips

Are you thinking about selling your home? If you’re like most Americans, listing your home for sale denotes a time of lifestyle leveling up. Maybe you’re adding a child to your family, moving to a new city to follow career opportunities, or general finances elicit the desire for a more fitting home. Whatever the case, before you pack up your life, make sure you also make the right finance preparation steps so that this home sale (and subsequent new home) really improves your life:

3 Tips for How to Get Financially Fit Before Selling Your Home

  1. Get Clear on Current Credit.  In addition to cleaning up your home, now is the time to clean up your credit. This means paying down any outstanding bills, checking up on your score, and eliminating any rogue errors. If you need some more serious credit rehabilitation, note that such projects can take months to complete so now is the time to get started.
  2. Establish Your Sweet Cost Zone.  Before you wade into buying a new home, it is important to know the floor and ceiling costs you can afford. Sure, rates may look good and your new raise may make you feel comfortable, but true comfort requires financial clarity. Talk to your agent, mortgage broker, tax advisor, and financial planner about the best next-home scenario for you.
  3. Invest in Inspections.  Don’t let someone else lay out your options. Get the jump on the market and invest in home inspections both for your current and future home.

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