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We truly want to help you repair your credit. That is why we offer free credit repair resources that have tremendous value to those looking to build or repair their credit, including website resources for credit repair, credit repair and financial e-books, and information on the best credit cards to help establish and build credit.

Free Credit Repair E-Books

Learn Now or Pay Later is a great resource for students and young adults. Money management skills are more important today than ever. Many middle class Americans with good incomes are living from paycheck to paycheck and college students increasingly find themselves buried in credit card debt. How can this be from an educated society? Most people were never taught money management skills and the intense competition for our money doesn’t make money managing any easier. Dedicated to helping people find their way to financial security, Learn Now or Pay Later will help you understand the financial issues and decisions you face.

Learn to:

  • Budget
  • Save
  • Re-establish Credit
  • Deal with Bill Collectors


  • Credit Reports & Scores
  • Debt-to-Income Ratio
  • Checking Accounts

The Road to Financial Empowerment: An Insiders’ Guide is a guidebook to reaching financial peace of mind, with insider tips from credit experts. Learn to set and reach your financial goals by taking charge of your money and your credit. Inside this guide, you’ll find:

  • Tips on how to build or rebuild your credit starting today
  • Easy-to-use worksheets to help you understand and manage your finances
  • A handy guide to your credit score and your credit report

Get this credit repair and financial wellness guide.

Taking Charge: What to do if Your Identity is Stolen is an excellent resource when identity theft happens. Identity theft can wreak havoc on your finances, credit history and reputation – and it can take time, money and patience to resolve. The FTC prepared this guide to help you repair the damage that identify theft can cause, and reduce the risk of identity theft happening to you.

Get this free credit repair and identify theft guide.

Best Credits to Build Credit

Although many people have bad credit because credit card debt, credit cards account for 30% of your credit score. Managing and understanding your credit cards are important. If you currently have bad credit or have recently filed bankruptcy, it will be very difficult to get a credit card. This is why we have searched for companies that are willing to give you a second chance.

Down2shop is not a typical online retailer. Their mission is to provide the best possible products and service to valued customers without them feeling like they are anonymous. We strongly recommend the Help Card from Down2shop because:

  • It reports to all 3 credit bureaus quickly
  • Requires a 500 Equifax score for approval
  • Has unsecured credit lines up to $6500
  • The application is quick and easy

Rental Kharma is another great resource to rebuild or raise credit. You can use this tool to make your monthly rental payment show up on your report as installment payment, which can influence 35% of your credit report.

My Jewelers Club is our newest recommendation to help raise your credit. This online jewelry store offers quality jewelry including gold, sterling silver, diamonds and more with revolving credit lines up to $5,000, with a 95% approval rating.

Credit Repair Web Resources

For educational courses and information on credit repair, try Christian Personal Finance and The Simple Dollar, which focuses on money saving tips in general. We also recommend the Debt Snowball Calculator to help you determine the fastest way to get out of debt.

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