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The Fortiva Credit Card, issued by the bank of Missouri, is valid for credit building using everyday expenses. The card gives users more flexibility and purchasing power while building and repairing their credit scores.

You can pre-qualify for it, even if you have a bad credit score. Some of its other standard features include:

  1. It offers a 3% cash back reward on eligible payments like groceries, utilities, and gas.
  2. Cardholders get alerts to notify them of transactions.
  3.  There is zero liability protection against fraudsters and theft.

Its Advantages

Compared to other credit cards, the Fortiva one has a lot of benefits, including:

  1. No charge to view your credit score – 60 days after your card approval and account creation, you can view your VantageScore for free. Viewing this score will help you keep tabs on your progress.
  2. No initial deposit or program fee to open an account – Getting a credit card with a bad credit score is difficult. However, with the Fortiva Credit Card, you do not need a security deposit to get approved.
  3. Fortiva reports to major credit bureaus – If you show good credit habits, Fortiva will notify credit reporting agencies. Doing so will help improve your credit score.

Its Disadvantages

While the card has significant advantages, it has some flaws like:

  1. High fees – Some of the card’s basic fees include an Annual Fee and a Balance Transfer APR. Extra fees they may charge are a Penalty Fee and a Foreign Transaction Fee. Fortiva Card’s fees are higher than other cards’ and non-refundable.
  2. Credit limits – Cardholders cannot request a credit limit increase. They have to wait until Fortiva increases the limit.


Building and repairing your credit score is easier with the Fortiva Credit Card. You can make a recovery with the right financial decisions. For more info on credit repair, contact us today.

To apply for a Fortiva Credit Card, Click Here!

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