Five Credit Myths

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Don’t Let These Credit Myths Damage Your Credit Score

Credit scores are a crucial part of a person’s financial picture. Creditors use credit scores to determine whether to issue someone credit. A person with good credit is more likely to receive credit. It is important to have a good credit score and there are many ways to maintain one. However, there are many credit myths as well.

Credit Myths

  • Some people think that using a debit card will help increase their credit. This is not true. A debit card draws its funds from the owner’s bank account. This is not the same as using credit because a person is using his or her own money. Therefore, it will not affect a person’s credit score.
  • Some people think that going over a credit card’s spending limit will not affect their credit score. A key factor that helps calculate someone’s credit score is his or her credit utilization. This is how much credit a person uses compared to his or her credit limit. Higher credit utilization will result in a lower credit score. If a person goes over his or her credit limit, then his or her credit score will reflect that.
  • Some people think that paying off that balances on their credit cards will help raise their credit score. Although it is a good idea to pay off one’s credit card balances. It will not greatly affect a person’s credit score. Again, a person’s credit utilization is what most affects his or her credit score.
  • Many people believe that all credit cards affect their credit scores equally. Credit bureaus measure a credit card’s influence based on the issuer’s prestige. The more prestigious the credit card issuer, the more influence a credit card has on a person’s credit score.
  • Some people think that paying off old debt will help raise their credit scores. Although this makes sense, it is not true. As a debt gets older, its effects on a person’s credit score will decrease. However, as soon as one pays off a debt, the credit bureaus will treat it as if it were a new debt, increasing its effects on credit.

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