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Revenue from the consumer electronics and appliance rental industry is expected to amount to $9,061,8 million in 2024. This statistic proves that more people rely on lease-to-own companies to buy their electronics and appliances. Have you ever wanted to purchase a certain piece of electronic equipment so badly, but your cash-strapped situation couldn’t let you?

Be assured that there is a reliable financial option to help you; Electro Finance, which lets you take home that electronic appliance you so desire despite your financial status. Electro Finance offers online shoppers an opportunity to shop for any electronic gadget in the comfort of their homes using flexible payment plans. It could be the latest laptop, video game, TV, musical instrument, lawnmower, vacuum cleaner, or refrigerator on the market.

Their lease-to-own programs have enabled many customers to buy products and pay for them later. You, therefore, don’t need to pay upfront for a product as long as your application goes through. So, how does it work?

How Electro Finance Works

Electro Finance is among many lease-to-own online companies contributing to eCommerce growth. What makes it efficient is the instant decision you receive on whether you qualify to shop with them or not. Another upside is that you can still shop even with bad credit. The application form is easy to fill. Details such as your name, valid SSN, phone number, driver’s license, and email address are needed. You are notified if your application has been approved or declined after completing and submitting the application.

The approval is followed by a success page showing your qualifying amount. You are supposed to facilitate a down payment and pick items below the approved amount. Complete the ordering process for item delivery. If your application is unsuccessful, a decline page appears, explaining why you couldn’t qualify. You can, however, reapply after 90 days. Better still, you can apply for another product upon successful completion of your first order on the agreed lease-to-own payment plan.

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