Debt Collector Behaviors That Constitute Harassment

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Creditors may contact debt holders and collect payments, but their efforts cannot exceed your rights. They cannot cross into aggressive collection tactics and harassment. Carrying a large amount of debt can cause a lot of stress as is. Even more so if you are experiencing an unexpected financial hardship. The burden of these debts should never include harassment by debt collectors.

Inappropriate Behavior

It is important to understand both your rights and the rights creditors have when collecting debts. You should know what behaviors and actions constitute harassment. Signs that indicate a debt collector’s behavior exceeds their rights and is now harassment include the following.

Disregard Do Not Call Requests

One harassment tactic is to call repeatedly and excessively. It also includes calls during times frames you have specifically requested they not call. There are regulations around the times of day collectors are permitted to make phone calls. If you speak with them and explicitly state not to call on specific days/times, continuing to do so would be harassment.

Falsifying and Outright Lying

Other harassing behaviors involve the loss of transparency.  This includes providing false information in regards to the amount of a debt or the identity of the collector. It also includes fabricating lies about the abilities of the creditor to take certain actions, like have you arrested. Debt collectors must maintain transparency and if not, these behaviors constitute harassment.

Utilizing Abusive, Aggressive, and Derogatory Language

Both owing and collecting debt requires both parties to be adults and include professional proceedings. Speaking to people using hurtful words, yelling or screaming, cursing, is not allowed. In addition, any other extreme behaviors in communication are serious examples of harassment and should not be taken lightly. Being in debt does not give any person or entity the right to verbally abuse and harass you.

Facing your financial fears can be intimidating and overwhelming at times, but that does not mean you should be the victim of harassment. At The Credit Care Company, we understand the burden of carrying debt and are here to assist you in your debt resolution, every step of the way. If you’re ready to have people on your side who care, contact us today.

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