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You are three times more likely to be approved for a loan if you have a credit score of 720 or higher. The Cleo Credit Card Builder is designed specifically for people who want to build their credit. Best of all, there are no annual fees so that it won’t cost any money upfront!

What is a Cleo Credit Builder Card?

The Cleo Credit Builder Card is made for people with little or no credit history. With no minimum deposit required and zero additional fees, you can get started in building your financial future today!

The Cleo is for those who are building confidence in paying on time and keeping their end of the bargain as far as responsible financial habits go.

What Cleo Credit Builder Card is not: 

Cleo credit builder card does not have a high-interest rate, and you won’t be charged an annual fee. The credit builder card has no hidden fees or penalties, and it’s easy to cancel anytime!

How does it build my score?

The Cleo Credit Builder Card is a revolutionary step in the industry. It takes an innovative approach to how we think about our finances, and it’s easy for everyone! You put cash into your security deposit – this increases your limit on purchases you can make with no interest rate. The best part? Once every month, when you’re ready, they’ll pay off any outstanding balance for free! That means more time cleaning up that messy closet instead of stressing over bills; what could be better than that?!

They report back to 3 different bureaus (Equifax, Transunion & Experian), which helps build up your score over time.

 Are there any annual fees?

There are no annual fees! If you don’t want another account sitting around gathering dust, go ahead and cancel after 12 months as long as you pay back everything on time.

Is there a Credit Limit

With your security deposit, you can get a credit card with a high limit on it! The higher the amount of money in your account- literally and figuratively -the more of this high level is available to use when paying off any debt at the end of each cycle.

In Conclusion

The Cleo is designed to help consumers without any or much of a credit history establish and build their good credit score by using this particular card responsibly. As long as you don’t carry balances from month to month on this card, it will show up positively in your monthly reports to potential lenders.

Contact us today at 314-485-9940 and we will fight together to build your credit.

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