Cleaning Up Your Credit Score

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Rebuilding your credit score can seem like a daunting task, which is why you shouldn’t do it alone. Working alongside an accredited credit company can get you the results you’re looking for faster. At The Credit Care Company, we offer three different phases to help our clients recover their credit!

Phase One

The first step of our credit recovery program starts with an in-depth credit audit. This audit will go into your credit report with a credit expert. Once you have reviewed your audit with our credit experts, we will create a personalized credit score advancement plan. This plan focuses on the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Our experts will go over these Acts in addition to the Credit Repair Organization Act. During this step, clients will have access to credit coaching, debt negotiation coaching, and assistance. We also help to dispute up to 20 inaccuracies with all three credit bureaus.

Phase Two

This is a vital step in restoring your credit score. At Credit Care, we do our part in cleaning up your report as much as needed. We will work alongside you to achieve your goals and support you during this process. This phase includes all the services provided in phase one, along with some other perks. One thing included in this phase is regular updated credit score advancement plans based on the results of your disputes. We also offer continued credit and debt negotiation coaching and assistance in compiling any credit reporting agencies’ information.

Phase Three

Phase three is less intensive than the first two but still extremely beneficial to our clients. This program is more directed for clients continuing payments with debt negotiations or payment plans. Phase three includes all the services from phases one and two as well. This phase is more so focused on building your credit history and correcting any outstanding credit discrepancies. We help repair all three credit reports while receiving results within the first 60 days.

To learn more about our credit recovery phases, talk to The Credit Company. At Credit Care, we help change lives one credit score at a time. You can talk with one of our advisors by contacting us online here or at 314-485-9940 today!

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