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401K Plan Financing

Our 401k Financing offers a powerful and flexible way for new or existing businesses and franchises to leverage assets that are currently in a 401 K plan or IRA. In as little as 2 weeks you can invest a portion of your retirement funds into your business, giving you more control over the performance of your retirement plan assets and the working capital  you need for business growth.

Easy Qualification Process

401k Financing is very easy to qualify for as you won’t need financials or good credit to get approved.

To qualify for 401k Financing all the lender will require is a copy of your two most recent 401k statements. If your 401k has a value over $25,000 you can be approved, even with severely challenged personal credit.

Whatever percent of your 401k is “rollable” is the amount of financing you can receive. In many cases, you can secure a low-interest credit line for as much as 50-100% of your current 401k value.

Do You Have Credit Issues Now?

Our 401k Financing program is perfect for business owners who have credit issues.  Lenders are not looking for, nor do they require good credit to qualify. You can even be approved for a low-interest credit line with rates lower than 5%, even with severely challenged personal credit and low credit scores.

You can be approved for a credit line with rates as low as 5.25% with a personal credit score as low as 500, even if you have recent derogatory items and major collections on your credit report.

This is one of the best and easiest business financing programs in existence that you can qualify for and get really good terms even if you have severe personal credit problems.

FAST Funding!

After the lenders review your 401k statements you can receive your initial approval and funding in 2 weeks or less.  You will be able to secure a working-capital credit line to use for whatever purposes you need.

Powerful Benefits!

  • 24 Hour Pre-Approval

  • Easy 401K Review for Approval

  • Get Approved with Very Bad Credit

  • Get Approved with No Revenue Requirments

  • No Penalties for Roll-Over

  • No Application Fees

  • Application to Funding in 2 Weeks or Less

  • Rates of 5.25% are Common

  • Based on Proven IRS Strategies

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