Unsecured Lines of Credit for Businesses

Step 6 – Unsecured Lines of Credit

Once our clients finish their business credit building in step 5 they are exposed to more funding programs in step 6. Many of these funding programs will allow them to qualify using their newly established business credit profile and score, so they can get approved with no personal guarantee.

Step 6 is the reward your clients have worked for. Our clients can now finally separate their business and personal liability and secure money without being personally liable for their business debts. Now they have one of the strongest assets their business can possess, a powerful business credit profile.

This means into the future our clients will have a much easier time obtaining credit and funding in their business name. They will even start receiving multiple offers from retailers, and Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express, for business credit cards in their business name.

Now our clients can sit back and enjoy running a business with massive amounts of credit and capital backing them, making it even easier to build the business of their dreams.

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