Vendor Accounts - Step 4

Step 4 – Vendor Accounts

In Step 4, we help our clients get approved for new credit in their business name that reports to the appropriate business credit reporting agencies. Much of this credit can be obtained with no personal credit check, and with no personal guarantee required from our clients eliminating their personal liability.

The first step in building business credit is to get approved with 5 Net 30 vendors who will give our clients credit, and who do report to the business credit reporting agencies. Once our clients are approved and they use those accounts, the accounts are reported and will become their initial trade lines on their business credit report.

As long as they pay their bills timely, our clients are awarded with exceptional business credit scores that will help them start getting approved for more revolving credit cards in Step 5.

Our clients have over 50 vendors to choose from, the largest selection anywhere. And most of those vendors will approve them for credit even if our clients are a brand new start-up business. And with the major sources we supply clients with, they can easily find the vendors they want to use to help build their new business credit.

Each vendor in the Finance Suite offers extensive details about their company, reporting, and underwriting criteria. Our clients can see the bureaus that each vendor reports to, they can learn about the products and services each vendor offers, and they can review the vendor’s actual underwriting guidelines so our clients will know they can be approved before they even apply.

Our clients can even connect with each vendor directly through the Finance Suite in just one-click. And all of their application information auto-populates from the Finance Suite onto their applications for credit, saving them hours of time. So in one-click our clients can easily submit their applications to their new business credit vendors.

Once their new vendor credit is reported to the business reporting agencies our clients are then awarded with an exceptional business credit score. We then help them leverage their newly built business credit profile and score to get approved for even more revolving business credit cards in Step 5.

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