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GO2 bank is a mobile bank that aims to assist the two-thirds of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck, stretch their money further, and strengthen their financial base. It has tools that help solve common financial difficulties and opportunities to promote long-term financial health. GO2 bank makes money access and management a secure, convenient, and beneficial part of everyday life.

How to Build your Credit Card GO2 bank Secured Credit Card

The GO2 Bank Secured Credit Card is for those who want to establish or rebuild their credit over time by making prudent purchases. You have a credit limit and make monthly payments, just like a standard credit card. The main distinction is that the customer puts down a refundable security deposit (as little as $100) as collateral. This deposit will be returned once any outstanding balances, interest, or fees on the account are paid off.

The amount of this security deposit will be applied to the customer’s credit limit. Every month, credit bureaus get a report on your activities. Complete, on-time payments, as well as other beneficial habits such as keeping your debt low, will help you establish a favorable credit file over time. In contrast, failing to make your monthly payments in whole or on schedule, can harm your credit.


Payment history, amount due, and duration of credit history are all criteria that go into determining your credit score. Our goal is to assist you in boosting your credit scores as rapidly as possible. Within 30 to 45 days, you will experience benefits. Credit Care will work directly with credit reporting agencies and creditors to get any erroneous information on the credit report removed or fixed. Please get in touch with us right now for a no-cost credit repair consultation or to get started with Go2 Bank!

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