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The trucking and logistics industry is part of the economy’s backbone. However, the payments infrastructure it employs is wrecked; it’s challenging to use, has an outdated suite of payment tools and hidden fee structures, and is prone to fraud. But AtoB Gas Card comes to change everything by modernizing the industry’s payment infrastructure, where capital movement happens transparently and quickly. In simple terms, see it as the Stripe for Transportation.

The AtoB Gas Card is the company’s flagship product – a zero-fee card designed for all fleet sizes and types and, most importantly, accepted anywhere. Even more impressive, AtoB allows you to set spending limits and track your usage in real-time, among other more remarkable features. It also does not require a SSN.

What the AtoB Gas Card Offers

The AtoB Gas Card boasts features that make it stand out from other fuel cards. They include:

  • No Fees: Unlike its competitors, the it doesn’t charge any fees – no per-card fee, monthly services fee, over-limit fee, late payment fee, etc.
  • Universal discounts: AtoB offers competitive deals on each gallon at every gas station and truck stop.
  • No SSN or credit score required: The company offers Net-7 payment terms. All you need is your proof of revenue and EIN.
  •  Spend on more than just fuel: Purchase gas and unlock your card for other fleet expenses such as insurance, road tolls, parts, repairs, and more!

Key Takeaway

AtoB is arguably the best, given its broad gas station coverage, no fees, and the convenience it offers. It’s also excellent for small businesses that are looking to build credit.

Check AtoB’s FAQs page if you have more concerns and questions. But regarding credit recovery solutions for people looking to improve their credit, our experts at the Credit Care Company have your back.

To get your AtoB Gas Card – Click Here!

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