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At a time when credit card fraud is on the rise, it’s more important than ever to protect your personal information. What if you could have a credit card that didn’t require you to carry around a piece of plastic? Amazon Prime Secure Card is linked directly to your Amazon account so that you can safely shop online with ease and grow your credit score?

Amazon Prime Secure Card

You now have the opportunity to build your credit history and improve your personal finances with a free card that you can use for online shopping at Amazon stores in various locations and reports payments to major credit bureaus. With this card, you’ll also receive tips about how you might better handle different financial situations.

This credit card is a valuable opportunity for people who are looking to establish or upgrade their credit. It requires an upfront deposit like a secured credit card but will be converted into traditional credit without deposit if the user behaves responsibly and meets specific eligibility criteria.

Termination of Services

When your debit card balance starts to get out of hand, there are always options. You can pay off the total amount and then close your account so that you won’t have any charges in the future and will be refunded for the security deposit fee upfront. It all depends on what’s working best with how much money is in savings.

The First Step After Approval

You will receive the secured card features immediately after making a security deposit. The minimum security deposit to activate the Secured Card features is $100. You can make deposits in increments of $50 between that number and your approved limit, and it cannot exceed $1000.

The Second Step

In 12 months of responsibly building your credit, you may be eligible to opt-in and activate the Store Card features on your account. After this period is over, there will still be no annual fee for the card, and you can get back what was used as a security deposit minus any outstanding balance owed on other Secured Cards to pay it off. You’ll have 100% freedom when deciding whether or not to make that change.

Final Overview of Amazon Prime Secure Card

If you’re looking for a secure credit card that provides rewards and other perks, the Amazon Prime Secure Card is an excellent option. For more information or questions about the prime secure card, contact The Credit Care Company today for the best credit score.

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